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No need to talk to the users to know what they experienced (replay, behavior insights, etc) 2) End-2-end Transaction Insights (business, technology, etc) 3) Smart Automation 4) 24×7, real-time 5) Any stack, any scale 6) our support & your goals are aligned & our #1 priority 7) At a fraction of the cost – guaranteed.

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Real-Time Monitoring, Insights and Automation to improve the User Expierence

Loss of business due to poor Customer, Prospect or User Experience.

Germain Solution allow you to

100% customer retention since 2014

Ranked #1 APM on, in 2020

"Best Value APM" on in 2021

What Customers are saying about Germain APM

"Thanks for being such a good partner.

Germain has really really helped my organization and by extension the operations of our CX program."

Robert M.

Director Marketing and

Customer Loyalty, Oil & Gas

Llyod Q.

Software Engineer,


"One of the best real user monitoring (RUM) software available"

"I am learning much more about Germain and WOW. These are a great tools. Very, very impressed.."

Beth B.

Director Business

Operations, Finance

Poor User Experience

User interface design or technology issues may contribute to poor user experience. germain APM identifies use cases and root-cause of issues down to the user click and scenario and technology (network request, code, sql, etc). 

Ineffective Business Operations

Lack of training, poor organization, attrition (…) may contribute to ineffective business operations. germain APM identifies main gaps and their root-cause, in real-time and 24×7. 

Low Conversion Rate

Overloaded call center, lack of expertise, hard to find information on a website (…) may all contribute to low prospect conversion rate. germain APM helps identify actionable insights.

High Churn Rate

Ineffective product or service, lack of support, hard-to-find online material…may all contribute to a poor customer experience and attrition. germain APM identifies actionable insights around that, 24×7 and in real-time. 


Monitor & Troubleshoot UX, Process & Technology Performance.

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